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Welcome to G24 SMS

The centre for BULK SMS.

G24 Bulk SMS is NOW the leading bulksms provider in Nigeria. We provide dedicated services to various Companies, Associations, Churches, Parties and other social groups. Our platform is the fastest and most reliable means of sending test messages to millions of phones by just one CLICK. It is more discreet than a telephonic conversation, making it the ideal form of communication and marketing. SMS is less time-consuming in comparison to phone call or send e-mail.

Mobile Apps

Send Bulk SMS with ease from your SMARTPHONES.
Download G24 SMS mobile applications on your Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WebOS phones and enjoy new ways of bulk SMS messaging.


Please note: The Blackberry installation requires the Blackberry Desktop Application.

To install in your Blackberry phone, take the following steps:
a)  Download the Blackberry Desktop Application
b)  Download the G24 SMS Mobile App on your blackberry
c)  Unzip the file
d)  Launch your Blackberry Desktop Application
e)  Go to applications
f)   Import file
g)  Choose the file with .alx as extension.

Our WebSite is the most reliable way to send bulk messages to numerous GSM and CDMA cell phones both within and outside Nigeria. Our reach is not limited to Nigeria alone, we can also reach any part of the world. To benefit from our services, click register and register for FREE. Login to confirm your registration and type your valid phone number.


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